Professional Air Purifiers, protects against Virus and Bacteria. For all types of rooms with 2 or more people. Cleans the air 6 times/hour in rooms up to 50m2.

Plymoth “SUPERIOR 2-ZONE” CLC Air Purifier

Reduces the Risk of Covid-19 at Meeting and Lunch Tables.

The HEPA H14 Air Purifier of the Future is here today. Protects You and Your Colleagues against Virus at the table. Switch on the filter unit and You will immediately get an almost 100% Virus Free Zone- or Bubble- around each person seated at the table (Zone-1). All the air at the table (c. 10m3) will be changed every minute for 99.995% Virus Free air. It will then spread out into the room (Zone-2).

Immediately - and all the time - a 99.995% Virus Free Zone, or "Bubble", at Meeting and Lunch Room Tables.

Combat Virus at the Table. Complete Sets start at €4.000. Can be installed without skilled labor. Choose Color, Length of Horizontal Duct and Diffusion Hood below:

Ocean Blue 2-Zone Air Purifier
Mahogany Brown 2-Zone Air Purifier
Gray Black 2-Zone Air Purifier
Alu Gray 2-Zone Air Purifier

Complete Set “Superior 2-Zone”: Filter Unit, Duct Work, Diffusion Hood and all needed mounting parts. Just "Plug and Play".


Protection against Coronavirus at the place where You work.

HEPA H14 “2-Zone”Air Purifier against virus and bacteria. Mobile Filter Unit with Flexible Arm and Diffusion Hood. The Hood can easily be positioned to where You want an immediate 99.995% Virus Free Working Place (Zone-1). In a short time also a 98-99% reduction of contaminations in the rest of the room (Zone-2). The “2-Zone” CLC system reduces the spread of Coronavirus as well as common colds.

Plymoth "Perfect Spot" 2-Zone Air Purifier

Perfect Spot Air Purifier

Plymoth "Perfect H-Spot" 2-Zone Air Purifier

Perfect H-Spot Air Purifier

Plymoth Airpurifier reduces sick-leave and lowers cleaning costs. (Less Virus, Bacteria and Dust in the Air)


Plymoth has 40 Years Experience of Design and Manufacturing of products for Clean Air. The products are a combination of well proven techniques and progressive new ideas.