Superior 2-Zone Alu Gray Air Purifier
Technical Data - Filter Unit
Vertical Duct1.1m/d.200mm
Motor/Fan EC1-Phase 230V/175W/50Hz.
Pre Filter 1Alu Mesh. 425x425x14mm.
Pre Filter 2F5/G4. ISO COARE 70%.
HEPA H14EN 1822 (99.995%). 8m2. Certificate and Leak Test.
Adjustable Air Flow100-700m3/h.
Rec. Air Changes6 Times/h. Up to 50m2
Sound-InsulationEntire Box 25mm thick.
Noise Level2m distance 35-59 dB(A).
Cable and Plug4m.
Feet4 Pcs/125mm high.

Technical Data - DUCT WORK
Powder painted2x90 Degree d.200 Bends + Horisontal Ducts.
ColorsWhite=WH, Beige=BE, Basalt Grey=BG
MeasureD.200mm x L=1.7m/2m/2.3m/2.6m/2.8m
Weight1.7m=11kg, 2m=12.5kg, 2.3m=14kg, 2.6m=15.5kg, 2.8m=16.5kg
Mounting PartsHooks with thread, Chains 2m, Screw Hooks and d.200mm Connection.

Technical Data - DIFFUSION HOOD
Powder paintedAlu Grey=AG, Ocean Blue=OB, Mahogany=MB, Grafite Black=GB
Outlet MeshElectro plated grey
Weight1m=6.5kg, 1.5m=9kg, 2m=11.5kg, 2.5m=14kg
Mounting PartsM5x40mm+Nut=4pcs, Chains 2m=4pcs, Screw Hooks=4pcs M8x16mm=8pcs
InletD.201mm Inside

Complete Set Superior 2-Zone (Alu Grey)

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Alu Grey (P00830-AG)


Plymoth 2-ZONE System is the most efficient way to protect yourself against Virus and Bacteria. Immediately 99.995% Virus and Bacteria Free Zone at the table (ZONE 1). Changes the air at the table 1 time/minute. Cleans at the same time the rest of the room 6 times per hour (ZONE 2). Reduces also the spread of normal colds. For rooms up to 50m2/2.5m high.

Filter Unit

HEPA H14 Filter Unit with vertical duct 1.1m/d.200mm for connecting to duct work. Inlet from below. 4-stage filtration. HEPA-H14 Filter (8 m2) with Certificate and leak test. All filters are included. Efficient sound-insulation. Choose color. (WxDxH) 570x610x2200 mm.

Duct Work L=

All parts for easy mounting of the horizontal Duct Work are included. Just measure the L= distance in your room according to the drawing to the left. The set includes powder coated d.200mm ducts in the L= you have chosen, 2x90 degree/d.200mm bends, 2m chains and hooks to be screwed into the ceiling.The duct work is dimensioned to make the Diffusion Hood to hang approximately 1m over the table when one end is mounted into the vertical tube on the filter unit. Just drill some plugs into the ceiling and screw the enclosed hooks into them and hang the Duct Work.

Diffusion Hood W=

The diffusion hood is designed to spread the 99.995% Virus and Bacteria free air evenly over the table and without draft. It will protect you immediately by creating a clean air zone at the table (Zone 1).
All parts for easy mounting of the Diffusion Hood are included. Just measure the W= Width of your table and choose a Hood which is the same size or wider. The set includes powder coated hood with electro-plated downwards outlet, 4x2m chains and 4 hooks to be screwed into the ceiling. The 90 degree bend from the duct work fits into the inlet at the top of the hood. It makes the the Diffusion Hood hang approximately 1m over the table. Just drill 4 plugs into the ceiling. Screw the enclosed hooks into them and hang it up.